Are YOU Going To Vote Anti-Choice Politicians Like Bob Onder Out Of Office?

The Golden Probe Award Show is an extravaganza of comedy and music, created to raise awareness about the politicians running for office this fall who pose the biggest threat to reproductive rights. We’ve been combing through #GoldenProbes2018 quotes for months, and would you believe it… there are a LOT! It’s so bad, here’s one that didn’t even get NOMINATED!

When the city of St. Louis decided to ban employers and landlords from discriminating against people for having an abortion, getting pregnant, or using birth control, Sen. Bob Onder took it as an opportunity to threaten to spew anti-choice rhetoric and derail a bid to boost taxes for the St. Louis Zoo. (read more)

Onder is running in the Missouri general election on November 6, 2018.

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And see the other anti-choice creeps to look out for at the Golden Probes, LIVE on October 20th, streaming on October 28th 

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