Episode 37: So Many Anti-Abortion Grifters, So Little Time

Lizz and Julie rundown the onslaught of attacks this week. Starting off with this week in Patriarchy which is… the Catholic Church. Let’s stop calling him the ‘cool Pope’ shall we? The main feature of this episode is an interview with the amazing Marva Sadler, Director of Clerical Support at Whole Women’s Health Alliance. She gives us the inside scoop on the recent attacks against Whole Women’s Health in Austin.

Show Notes:
– Whole Woman’s Health and the amazing resilience of Amy Hagstrom Miller.
DONATE TO Whole Women’s Health Alliance
– Fetal Heartbeat bill in Tennessee
18 week abortion ban in Utah
– Abortion reporting bill in Wyoming
The rape of nuns and forced abortion
The kids abandoned by priests who fathered them
– See Marva in
Abby Johnston’s trail of anti-abortion grifting
Ben Shapiro explained
Steven Crowder, just ugh

Six Degrees of Abortion: Roger Stone
Background on Roger Stone and Lizz’s old Roommate Randy Credico

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