Episode 39: DNA-Hole

Lizz and Julie are back and ready to discuss the latest in anti craziness. Make sure you’re sitting down while listening to them discuss how an EX boyfriend thinks he has the right to sue an abortion clinic AND an abortion pill manufacturer on behalf of a fetus. They are joined by Leah Litman, Professor of Law at University of California, Irvine.


Matt Bevin is garbage Part 1
Matt Bevin is garbage Part 2
Matt Bevin Chicken Pox Party
Matt Bevin Teachers strike causes child abuse
The CPC in Texas that defrauded the state
Douchebag suing for not being able to control his underage girlfriend
Six degrees of Abortion: Whoopi
Boston Title X Fight
New Jersey Title X Fight
Florida Attack on Teens Abortion Access
Georgia Six Week ban
Mississippi six week ban
Texas defunding after reports on poor healthcare for low-income families

NYC monthly show!
Los Angeles Sexist Pop Song Karaoke – Do, Re, #Metoo

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