Episode 4: Your Noose is a Nuisance

This week on the POD, should we hang women who have abortions, or execute them by firing squad? We'll talk about two men with so many feelings. Plus, did you know if we erase the words “reproductive rights” from the State Department, everyone will magically have them? Which newsmaker will Julie throw at Lizz for the Six Degrees of Abortion Separation?
Episode 4 Show Notes:
Sex Ed Walkout
“Activist Mommy”
Activist Mommy Youtube channel
Activist Mommy Evil Hubby Dr Patrick Johnston aka Dr James P Johnston
Army of God (Warning gfx images)
Army of God Documentary
Sex ed is abusive to children
Only 13 states require sex ed to be medically accurate
23 percent of sex ed is abstinence only, up from 2% in 1988
Fake Clinics have literature in schools
Advertising fake clinics on prom tickets!

Rewire's Piece Calling out the Reproductive Rights Deletion
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2017
Human Rights Watch Twitter Thread of Ommissions
Human Rights Orgs Pissed About New Report

The NATIONAL This Week in Patriarchy – Kevin Williamson Whining

Six Degrees of Abortion Separation:
Dr. Ronny Jackson to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs
Dr. Jackson go bye bye
May 2nd Trivia
7-9:30pm, Precious Metal in Brooklyn (143 Troutman Street)
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Bring NEW tampons, pads, undies and we'll get them to the right place.

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