Episode 5: Humorless Hypocrites

Will Iowa pass a law that bans abortion before you even know you are pregnant? [UPDATE: Yes, Iowa did pass the 6-week ban] AND What happens when you give all the family planning money to people who “plan” to fuck you over with it? Plus, so many humorless hypocrites, so little time- we’re gonna TALK WHCD. All that and some misc patriarchy, live from the feminist sleeper cell.

Episode 5 Show Notes:

* Office of Refugee Resettlement Brochure Mandate
*A Woman’s Right to Know
*New York Times Breakdown of Scott Lloyd
*Conscience and Religious Freedom Division
*New Texas Pamphlet of Lies

* Rewire Piece on Earn While You Learn
* Earn While You Learn website
* Heritage House 76
* Rewire All Day y’all

* Iowa 6-week ban
* North Carolina Motorcycle Abortion Bill
* Slate’s look at Iowa
* What will the Iowa Gov do?
* Wasted Tax Money Fighting Abortion Bills
* Heart cells beating

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