Lizz Winstead on the Road Ahead!

Hiya friends!

I write this with two winks of sleep and what is left of the nubs of my fingers. WHOA! QUEL NIGHT! We may not have taken back the Senate, but WE NOW CONTROL THE HOUSE! That is yuuuge.

Not gonna lie, it was a gut punch to see some amazing progressives lose, er, have their elections stolen, ahem, and especially painful to see Beto lose to that orc Ted Cruz. Can you imagine how this would have gone if anyone actually liked Ted Cruz? Kamala Harris/Beto 2010, amirite? Beto may have lost, but like in so many of these Senate and Governors races, his energy and beliefs at the top of the ticket helped elect progressive, pro-choice champions to congress and state houses. Add to that, new Dem governors in Kansas and Wisconsin and Michigan will usher in new ideas and will veto garbage anti-choice legislation that before last night’s victories would have been signed into law by the monsters who previously held those governorships.

We at Lady Parts Justice have always been the long game kids, and I started this org in 2012 knowing that we needed to spend our time and energy pushing for a pro-choice agenda in state and local elections. And look where we are today! Woohoo! Almost erases those election night Pantsuit nightmares from November 2016. Almost…

LPJ relentlessly works to remind folks what is at stake for reproductive rights on a state level, and we see our work paying off. We are upping our game! We are going to nurse our hangovers, let the dust settle, then strategize with all of our partners in many of these states, continuing our work on the ground, working with amazing local reproductive rights advocates and abortion providers to keep this momentum going. We center our work in the states that have shown they are on their way to change, while also helping those who made it across the finish line grow stronger!

We’re scrappy AF here at LPJ, and we have mastered the uphill battle. We are in this for the long haul because we have seen first hand the amazing folks who work so hard to move the needle in their state, and we thrive when we work with local badasses to fight for more access to reproductive care. “Reproductive rights are human rights” is our battle cry!

We do this work with you and can do it because of your support. Let’s keep the momentum going! Together, We are unstoppable. Remember, slow and steady beats the racists and brings about real change!

Love to you, we are the majority and we will prevail!
XO Lizz