Lizz and Julie rundown the onslaught of attacks this week. Starting off with this week in Patriarchy which is… the Catholic Church. Let’s stop calling him the ‘cool Pope’ shall we? The main feature of this episode is an interview with the amazing Marva Sadler, Director of Clerical Support at Whole Women’s Health Alliance. She […]

Lizz flies solo this episode giving a rundown of this week in repro-news. PLUS, there’s a featured interview of Lizz with Dr. Daniel Grossman. He is a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California San Francisco, where he directs a policy-oriented research program called Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health. He also […]

Lizz and Julie discuss the flagrant misinformation about late term abortion dropped by Drumpf in his State of the Union. They’re also joined by comedian, journalist, and co-host of the amazing “Lady to Lady” podcast, Tess Barker. She discusses her recent reporting in The Guardian to highlight the mistreatment and harassment of NBA and NFL […]