Lizz is joined by Sarah Hartshorne to discuss the results of election day. They chat about the dead guy that won in Nevada, Kim Davis losing to a gay guy in Kentucky, good things happening for the RHA in New York, and erotic author Dr. Chuck Tingle. Show Notes Chuck Tingle Big Foot Erotica Guy […]

Hiya friends! I write this with two winks of sleep and what is left of the nubs of my fingers. WHOA! QUEL NIGHT! We may not have taken back the Senate, but WE NOW CONTROL THE HOUSE! That is yuuuge. Not gonna lie, it was a gut punch to see some amazing progressives lose, er, have their elections stolen, ahem, and […]

It’s the last weekend before the midterm elections! Get out and Vote! Lizz and Julie are together in Los Angeles talking the Golden Probes and their favorite scumbags that need to be voted out, including Steve West who is running for Missouri House Rep in the 15th district. His own children are actively telling people […]