Repro Madness Episode 13: Abortion Crab Boil?!

It’s just Lizz and Ashley holding down the fort this week, bringing you your below-the-belt news from the repro world. We discuss the resurgence of the coat hanger abortion in Tennessee and the various problems surrounding the reporting of this story. The ladies also delve into Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine’s fruitless investigation into Planned Parenthood and the new fetal disposal bill. We happen to be experts in “ungodly sex,” so of course we had to comment on the Kentucky homeless shelter that kicked homeless women out of their facility for tempting the male residents. Considering all of the craziness going on around the country lately, it’s no wonder that UN delegates found the treatment of women in the United States to be appalling. Think it can’t get more depressing? A Saudi millionaire was just acquitted in London after using the “My penis fell into her vagina” rape case defense. We’re off next week for Christmas, but we’ll be back with an episode on New Year's Eve to help wind down the year and gear up for 2016!