Repro Madness Episode 2: On the Road in Montgomery, AL

This week, Lady Parts Justice comes to you from Montgomery, Alabama. In the midst of providing support to the clinics in Mississippi and Alabama, the BS undercover video that distorts and perverts Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue donation program hit the airwaves. We at LPJ have a lot of feelings about all of it.

We’re upset about the heinous attack on lifesaving research, the short term memory of re-fighting this fight about fetal tissue research, and feel very strongly that as supporters of abortion rights, Planned Parenthood, independent clinics, and fetal tissue research, we must stand with the doctor being set up in this video.

This is a provocative conversation with Dr Sacheen an abortion provider, Wendy Robinson, director of Voice of Choice, Michelle Colon, clinic defender from Jackson Women’s Health Organization aka “The Pink House” the last remaining clinic in Mississippi and Ashley, Sharon, Jordana and yours truly from LPJ.

It is a an intense, emotional, heartbreaking, fun and important conversation to have as people who support abortion rights, fetal tissue research and the truth.

Hopefully you will listen and have this conversation with your friends and family.