Repro Madness Episode 20: When Life Gives You Rape, Make Rape-ade?!?!

This week’s Repro Madness episode brings you the hilarious musings of Lizz Winstead, Ashley Gray, Sharron Paul and Rae Sanni as they discuss lots of great happenings in pop culture: Beyonce’s “Formation”, the premier Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and LPJ’s new TRAP law video, “Clinic Hunters”. The women celebrate the recent 2016 election drop-outs, giving them a proper send-off. We bring you the reproductive health news coming out of Oklahoma, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, and Colorado Springs, and unpack all of the awful rape-talk that’s been spewing out of the mouths of our lawmakers lately. Finally, we examine a bizarre story involving anti-choice groups training an army of spies to infiltrate abortion clinics around the country.