Repro Madness Episode 3: Roadtrip Recap

The Lady Parts Justice team is back in New York after over a week down south and boy do they have some stories to tell! A visit to the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, aka the “Mississippi Pink House,” the last abortion clinic in the state, leaves the team in awe of the clinic escorts who tirelessly defend their patients against harassment and protesters. The Pink House Defenders have bravely taken on the task of guarding their clinic against relentless assaults, and Ashley explains how they have inspired her own work as an escort. They also discuss the mass protest that descended on Alabama abortion clinic Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery during their trip. The protesters were aggressive and their rhetoric was inflammatory and dangerous. Listen to the team discuss their interactions with “the antis” and how it’s changed the way they understand the assault on reproductive rights in this country. Additionally, Lizz breaks down how presidential candidate Scott Walker has been creepily obsessed with fighting against a woman’s right to choose for decades.