Repro Madness Episode 36: Probes Recap, Wendy Davis & Aborsh on TV

The Golden Probes were a hit! In this episode we're talking about our favorite moments of the night, featuring a bomb interview with our shero Wendy Davis. Of course, we also touch on the usual state fuckery happening, abortion on TV, and a little Timmy Kaine/Mikey Pence debate recap.

Golden Probes:

Glamour Golden Probes Recap:


Florida Fuckery:

Let’s Be the Generation That Ends Hyde #BeBoldEndHyde

Oklahoma Supreme Court:

Tim Kaine/Debate Feelings:

The missed opportunity to have a serious conversation about abortion policy

Katie’s Bustle/Trump:

Rewire Late-term abortion story:

Gaslight Movie:

Wendy's Deeds not Words: