Repro Madness Episode 4: Robin Marty / Elizabeth Yuko

We found the perfect bioethicist for Lady Parts Justice! Her name is Elizabeth Yuko. She’s a feminist, specializes in Reproductive Ethics, and often shares her wisdom with a sense of humor. In fact, she even uses The Golden Girls as an analogy to teach bioethics to people who may not normally be that interested in the subject. LPJ had the pleasure of hosting her at the clubhouse to discuss why the public shouldn’t buy into the fake sting operation targeting Planned Parenthood. Then, in true #FlashbackFriday style, we time warp to last week when the team was down in Montgomery, Alabama. While there, Lizz and Ashley got the chance to chat with renowned reproductive rights journalist, Robin Marty, and hear all about her experiences covering the week-long Operation Save America anti-abortion rally/hate-fest. Robin also shares insights about the anti-abortion movement’s strengths and weaknesses as well as what it’s like to have a professional rapport with the people who are trying to cut off access to safe and legal abortion. A fascinating and brilliant journalist, and co-author of Crow After Roe, Robin is a great resource and we at Lady Parts Justice are so excited to bring her voice to your earbuds!