Repro Madness Episode 9 – There Are Two Types Of Feminists

It is a gigglefest at the LPJ Clubhouse this week thanks to all the crackpottery going on in the repro world. Lizz, Sharron and Ashley are horrified over the resurgence of the Hobby Lobby brouhaha and explain scenarios that could happen if we keep letting corporations deny healthcare to their employees on religious grounds. Next, we laugh our asses off over Geoff Botkin’s hatred of Dumbledore and Frozen. Thanks to Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner, conservative radio hosts in Colorado, the ladies have a free-for-all dissecting some illogical musings over the two different types of feminists. Lastly, we bring you the hilarity that is Josh Feuerstein’s Starbucks cup rant– Spoiler Alert: coffee is bitter because of abortion!