5 Scary Facts:

  • NARAL Pro-Choice California conducted an undercover investigation and found that 53 of 58 California counties have at least one CPC (crisis pregnancy center) with antiabortion rights activists spreading false and manipulative information. (Source)
  • The Reproductive FACT act prevented fake clinics from lying to pregnant people about being medical facilities. It also said that clinics had to post information about the state's reproductive programs. Fake clinics didn't like that, sued under the guise of "free speech," and the case is going to the Supreme Court. (Source)
  • After waffling on the issue, a California nursing board agreed to allowing classes in "abortion reversal." Just so we're clear, "abortion reversal" is a fake term created by anti-choice people to discredit the abortion pill. (Source)
  • Here is some good news for California but some bad news for the rest of the US. In 2014, California passed the only abortion-related law that increased the number of abortion providers. The law (AB 154) allows non-physician health care providers to provide certain abortion services. (Source)
  • According to Guttmacher, "In 2014, some 43% of California counties had no clinics that provided abortions, and 5% of California women lived in those counties." (Source)


  • SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Hyde Amendment - Julie speaks with Destiny Lopez, Co-director of All* Above All about the UNFORTUNATE Anniversary of the Hyde Amendment. This is one of the big barriers to access keeping financial assistance out of reach for many. Check out the links below to learn what you can do to help END the Hyde Amendment once and for […]
  • Episode 19: Who’s Who of Who Hates Women - Lizz and Julie are back discussing this week’s fuckery including Louis CK’s unwanted return, Trump’s gross Evangelical dinner, and lotion boy Scott Lloyd. Show Notes: * The Cut and what to listen for during the Kavanaugh hearings * Cancel Kavanaugh – Sept 4th * Alabama dilation & evacuation law & appeals court ruling * Network […]
  • Episode 18: Papa Don’t Preach - We are back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans. Lizz and Julie discuss the current news surrounding the Catholic Church and its influence on reproductive rights and healthcare in general. While Kavanaugh threatens Roe v Wade, some states prepared for history to repeat itself a long time ago, ie. the blessed state of Washington where Julie […]
  • Daily Rage 8/13/18 - Also at Catholic hospitals: hospital food includes body of Christ, Hippocratic Oath being replaced with Nicene creed and many procedures being treated by leeches. (Trepanation making a comeback.)
  • Episode 8: Julie Interviews Creators of Abortion Web Series Ctrl Alt Delete - It’s an abortion comedy! Julie talks with the creators of Ctrl Alt Delete, Roni Geva and Margaret Katch. Ctrl Alt Delete is a hilarious web series set in a midwestern abortion clinic. Hear from the duo working to destigmatize abortion, and check out the links below to learn more! ​ Episode 8 Show Notes: Ctrl […]

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